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If you want to design your own itinerary in your own location we will work with you to make your dream come true.

Perhaps you want to make a documentary and you’ve already got your idea. You just feel you need some guidance, mentorship and production support.  No problem, we can make that happen.

Or perhaps you have a group of mates who are planning a trip of a lifetime up a mountain, across a continent or down a cave and you want to do a professional job of filming it, and you need some one to help with all the travel logistics. No problem, we can make that happen.

Maybe you have a big family trip planned with three generations of your clan going on safari in Africa, and you'd like to combine the experience of the holiday with a family history. No problem, let's work out how to realise your vision.

Perhaps you run an NGO and you want to take a group of CEOs to a developing nation to help develop micro-businesses and you want them to film the experience for your You Tube channel to raise awareness and funds for your organisation.  No problem, we can make that happen.

Or maybe you need someone to help you put a group together to realise a dream you have to do a multi-camera around-the-world-in-a-day project. Sure, we can work out how to achieve that too. We've got lots of people on our books who might enjoy collaborating on a project.

No matter what you dream about – if it involves creating a documentary film we can help you realise it.  Contact us and lets work out it together.



  • Corporate Team Building

Producing a Documentary Film is the perfect Team-Building Exercise

What we offer:
Filmmaker Abroad has the expertise to tailor the filmmaking experience to fit your business.  Instead of yet another round of 'beach Olympics' wouldn't you rather give your employees the opportunity to team-build through the exercise of writing, directing and post-producing a film in the most exotic locations on Earth?  Can you see your team making a film in the wild back country of Alaska during the long days of Summer? Or perhaps learning about the Indigenous culture of Australia, during a stay at the iconic Uluru, in the red Centre of Australia.
Contact us if you want to know more.

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photo by Sean Cousins