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We're Back!

04 Jan 2019

Some of you know my lovely wife Steph. 

She's a medical doctor who has worked her whole life to improve other people's health with modesty and compassion. If you know her you know her to be selfless and a lot of fun. So it seemed so bloody unfair when she was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer almost exactly two years ago.

That began a long period of radio therapy and chemo, and eventually a huge surgery. Thankfully she is more than 18 months well. Hopefully it won't be long before she's back up the Kokoda Track dispense medical aid to remote villages or something similar; doing what she loves.  

After a long hiatus from offering these trips I'm looking forward to running another Filmmaker Abroad trip to Uganda in Nov/Dec 2019 with her along for company (and medical assistance should any of us need it).  In that time I have been teaching filmmaking at a terrific film school, and making films that haven't required me to travel internationally. I think Filmmaker Abroad redux will be even better for that experience. I think I know more now about how to share the subtle craft of documentary making. 

If you are interested in joining us in Uganda I'd encourage you to jump onto the website and email me an interview request - or contact me through facebook. There are only four places available. 

While you are thinking about it go back through my old blogs and have a look for the ones on Uganda that I posted a couple of years ago.