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  • Can I bring my own camera/audio gear?
In some trips the camera hire is included in the fee. It makes it a lot easier for everyone is we all use the same gear.  That said we understand that many filmmakers have their own equipment and feel comfortable using it.  In particular DSLRs have become a common sight on doco shoots.  If you want to use your own gear please understand that you are responsible for the insurance on your own equipment and liable for the consequences should it fail in the field. If you use a Filmmaker Abroad camera we cover the cost of insurance and have a backup camera available in the event that it is damaged or breaks down. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the backup equipment if you bring your own gear - as those who have hired equipment from us will get priority. And in post-production there may be an additional charge if transferring rushes from your camera to the edit suite (due to codec incompatibility or other issues) adds time to the ingest stage.
  • Can we come as a couple, work as a team?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage filmmaking couples to participate. It's a great tradition in observational filmmaking to have a cameraperson work with a sound recordist/director. There are many advantages to this arrangement including better access to the mentor in the field.
  • Can we postpone the post-production/editing?
Yes. We understand that time and money are factors in the decision to undertake making your own film.  If you can get two weeks off work to do the shoot and want to edit the film six months later that's fine with us. 
  • Can I choose my own itinerary/travel dates?
Sure!  The business is based on the assumption that you know when you want to travel, so we can work together to build the experience that you want... as a team.  Our knowledge and insights, Your wants, needs and ambitions. The result a perfect filmmaking experience for you (and your family if that's your plan). This is a bespoke service not just in name but also in action.

We also have fixed departure date trips scheduled each year to several wonderful destinations. The reason we do this is to coordinate the trips to coincide with festivals and other important events.  We also run a couple of lower cost trips for emerging and new filmmakers with fixed departures. We do that as a means to keep the costs down on these trips.

If you have somewhere you'd like to make a film that isn't on our current list of destinations please let us know, we might be having the same idea. And we are always happy to explore new frontiers.

Currently we are working with DMCs to add trips to Nagaland (NE India), Patagonia and the Galapagos.

  • Do Filmmaker Abroad offer corporate training experiences?
Yes, we see the collaborative art of filmmaking as the ideal vehicle for team building and training.  We are working with a world leader in this field who has worked with both Google and Facebook in the past.  If you are responsible for corporate training in your organisation I urge you to get in touch so we can share with you our plans for this year.
  • Do Filmmaker Abroad offer trips for secondary schools?
Yes. Starting in 2015, in combination with accredited organisations like Orangutan Odyssey, we will offer trips to secondary student groups through their schools.  Contact us for more information.

  • Is there a discount for a group/family booking?
It depends on the size of the group. I would add that if a group of six or more approached us about a trip and they could confirm their booking we would arrange a discount or a gratuity of some kind.
  • Can we choose which local charity to support?
You can have an input and we are open to suggestions, but in most cases we have established relationships with local organisations.  Making a difference in the developing countries in which we film is part of this companies DNA.  It's something we take seriously and this also applies to the charities we work with and support.
  • Does the tariff include international airfares?
No, in most cases the fare is from the local international airport.  For example for the Borneo Experience the trip begins in Jakarta.  We provide the internal domestic flights as part of the cost.  The reasons for this are numerous.  One, people come from different parts of the world to participate, so a one price fare is not practical. Two, many people can use frequent flier points to get to the local hub and don't want to have to pay for the international fare in the cost of the experience.
  • Does the experience include all meals and logistical costs?
We try to include everything but it varies from trip to trip.  Most meals are included, but there are times when you are on your own, working away from the central accomodation, and it's not practical to provide meals.  Internal travel costs are generally included, so too the cost of guides and drivers.  We think it's a better experience, and more in keeping with a professional film crew experience, where there isn't a need to be putting your hand in your pocket every hour.  We want you to focus on the art - and that contributes to the cost of the trips.