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How To Book 



Here are the simple steps to booking a Filmmaker Abroad Experience.  We understand everyone has different needs and expectations so we've tried to make this process as bespoke as the trips themselves.

1. Review our Website
We recommend taking the time to review our website, in particular the itineraries. You'll see that some have fixed departure dates. This is because the itineraries are timed to coincide with festivals, mardi gras etc.  Some are seasonal, and others are available anytime (we just need to work out a price based on the size of the group). Hopefully this will get you thinking about the sort of filmmaking or photography experience that you are looking for.

You'll probably belong to one of two groups; those who want to learn how to make a film, and those who want us to make a film of their travel experience.  There are those in this second group who want to feature in their film as presenter/host. And what a fantastic way to remember your time in, say, the Galapagos, featuring in your own natural history film - where we do all the work, researching, filming and editing the project for you.

2. Contact Filmmaker Abroad
You have the choice to either make contact by Phone +61 (0) 414 659 579 or by our enquiry form.

From experience we find that direct contact via the phone helps us gather information more efficiently. You'll likely speak to one of the mentors for the trip you intend taking so it's never too soon to form a close working relationship with the person who will help you make a film, or make a film about your experience.

3. The Design Phase
Once we have received your initial enquiry by phone or email, we will begin considering your specific requirements for your journey including your travel dates, number of people in your party, areas of interest and style of travel.

Once we have all the information that we require from you, we will craft a document tailored to your wants and wishes and send it to you for review. Changes can be made, issues clarified.  At the end of this phase......

4. Personal Itinerary

You will receive a copy of your personal itinerary in a full colour PDF format. Please take the time to read through your itinerary. We are more than happy to answer any questions or comments you may have about your travel experience. If your itinerary requires some refining we are happy to do so, of course.

5. Confirming Your Arrangements
In order to confirm your travel arrangements we will send you an invoice for 20% deposit payment of the total trip cost (unless advised otherwise). Once we have received deposit payment we will secure all arrangements for your journey.

6. Final Payment
The balance of your trip payment is required 60 days prior to travel (unless advised otherwise).

7. On "Location"
On arrival at your first destination you will be met by your transfer, at the hotel your filmmaking equipment and all your documentation for your trip will be waiting for you.

8. Feedback
Upon completion of your experience we will send you a feedback form to complete. We value your feedback seriously and use the information you provide to continue to improve our unique travel experience.

photo by Sean Cousins

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Is It For You?


If you are here it's probably because you’ve started thinking about making a film in an exotic location.

Alternately you are looking for someone to film your great adventure to a professional standard.

So how can you tell if Filmmaker Abroad is a good fit with your ambitions? 

You can be assured that we are filmmakers ourselves, with over 20 years braodcast experience, many awards and high rating programs behind us.  

We have a passion for travel and love to share our knowledge of film craft.

is this right for you?  

Answer these questions:

Are you passionate about storytelling?

Do you want to get more out of your travels than just visiting places?

Do you want help or mentorship making your film?

Do you dream of becoming a professional filmmaker?

Do you want to create a wonderful film of your adventure that will entertain your family and friends, and endure as a record of a significant event in your family's history for decades to come?


If you’ve answered 'yes' to any of these questions then you are in the right place.