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Filmmaker Abroad offers the unique and highly rewarding experience of making your own documentary film in an exotic destination with in-the-field mentorship from highly experienced award-winning filmmakers.  We also cater for those interested in documentary photography.  We encourage couples to attend. You can work as a filmmaking team — for example, one filming, the other directing and interviewing. It’s a great experience to collaborate on the creation of your own film.  But if you would like to attend as the partner of a solo filmmaker/photographer, and don’t wish to participate in the creative aspects, we can happily entertain you too.

The concept is to create an experience as close as possible to that of a professional filmmaker/film-crew. 

This means: 

Included in the cost is the use of a broadcast quality camera and sound recording equipment.

After your holiday is over we take your footage and edit it to a broadcast standard.

You can be involved in this process if you wish.  Contact us for more details about how this works.

In the field you can choose your story and characters, according to your own interests and preferences, from a fully research list of options.

You receive comprehensive briefing notes to assist you in your storytelling.

In the evening we’ll review ‘rushes’ and discuss the events of the day, just like a real film crew.

You will have a much more rewarding experience than a ‘normal’ tourist, because you’ll engage with people and place in a much more immersive way.  Beware, the experience may change you and you may never want an ordinary holiday again.


Our first destination, Port Douglas, is one of Australia’s most fashionable resort destinations with five-star restaurants, art galleries and designer boutiques.  It’s located at the end of a peninsula, benefitting from tranquil waters and famous Four Mile Beach.  Port Douglas is notable for its closeness to three areas of natural significance: Daintree Rainforest, the adjoining Cape Tribulation region (home to some of the oldest surviving rainforests on earth) and the Great Barrier Reef.  And we’re going to visit all three!

The World Heritage Listed Daintree National Park is well worth exploring; and we take you deep inside with experienced private guides, who can even be the subject of your film.  You’ll get up close and personal with wildlife and learn about the forest in a way you simply could not without the experienced eye of your guides.  

The “Cape Trib” region to the north contains the oldest stand of forest on Earth (135 million years old).  The experience concludes with a visit to the magnificent and unique Cape Tribulation Beach.

Finish with four days in paradise, also known as Haggerstone Island. Pristine, peaceful and incredibly beautiful, Haggerstone Island is the jewel in the crown of Tropical North Queensland.  Situated 600km from Cairns, the 42-hectare island is accessible only by chartered aircraft and a boat ride, or by seaplane. It enjoys lush jungle, white-sand beaches and blue lagoons; bird life is prolific and the fishing – by rod, reel or fly – is amazing.

Your hosts at Haggerstone Island are Roy and Anna Turner who arrived at the uninhabited island in 1985 on a 70-tonne barge loaded with poles, timber, fruit trees, chickens and an old tractor. Six hand-crafted, free-form escapes have been sensitively located in the jungle, each offering a different style and structure, plus privacy and sensational views. The main building captures the imagination with heavy beams, high thatched roof and light flickering from the open cooking fire. At the ocean, a thatched jetty hovers over a lagoon that teems with fish life.


Seasonal Considerations.

The tropical north has two distinct seasons: ‘The Wet’, from December to March is when the summer rains prevail and the humidity increases; ‘The Dry’ season, from April to November, has warm sunny days and balmy nights and is the peak season for visitors. Many islands and resorts are not open during the wettest months of January to March. Consequently this itinerary is not available during these months.  But come April we are open for business and excited about what the year has in store.



Suitable/Best for:

Couples (particularly those interested in collaborating on a film)
Families (only one family member need be involved in the filmmaking aspects)
Honeymooners (what an amazing record of your start in life together you could make)
Small Groups (Haggerstone Island has just 6 bungalows, so a maximum of 12 people can do this trip)
Solo Travellers


The experience departs from Cairns and returns to Cairns. 


The experience operates on demand from April to December.

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