photo by Sean Cousins                    


It's Happening! 

And this time, bigger and better than before.

The 2015 trip was an absolute beauty. 


The 2016 Cambodia "make a film, make a difference" Trip

will run 7th -17th September 2016.


Why better than before?

Well, it's two days longer than last year's trip and...

we are offering more options:

Make an observational documentary - experience what it's like to work in the television industry

Make a travel documentary - an entree into the world of online travel filmmaking

Make a poetic documentary - perfect 'calling card' for aspiring cinematographers

Improve your photographic skills with a professional photographer as your mentor

in one of the best places on Earth to take photographs


We love Cambodia!  This wonderful country, with a troubled and complicated history, is the perfect location for making your documentary film.  As ever, we have researched a long list of stories to choose from.  Steve is about to set off on this year's 'recce' and should turn up lots of great new stories. He'll be on the look out for stories with the potential to make a brilliant short doco. Just the thing for a short film festival, or perhaps as a 'calling card' to the elite film school you are hoping to get in to. 

Our base for the 11 day experience is Siem Reap, the city closest to stunning Angkor Wat.

Each filmmaking team gets their own fixer/translator and vehicle to get them around and assist with logistics.  

There are two mentors on the trip; Sean Cousins (company founder) and Steve Warne (ex-Film Victoria). Collectively they have almost 50 years filmmaking experience.  Sean and Steve both teach documentary in film schools, in addition to working as filmmakers. They share a passion for story craft and teaching and bring a diverse range of production experiences to share with the participants. 

This year we will also have photographer and photography educator Clive Hutchison on the trip to mentor photography students/enthusiasts.

'Two-person teams' and 'filmmaking couples', are a great tradition in documentary filmmaking; Dardennes bros, Maysles bros, Connelly & Anderson etc.  We strongly encourage couples or teams to apply.  A reduced rate is offered to those who wish to work in two-person teams with a single camera.

PRICE for 2016. in Australian Dollars



Payment by Invoice. Contact us

The cost includes, as well as mentorship and your own fully researched story, accomodation, transfers, transport, your own 'fixer' and many meals.

An additional fee is charged for the use of a professional video camera, sound equipment, and all associated insurances.

There is a single supplement fee for those requiring their own room.

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