Papua New Guinea (privileged access to untold stories)

Travel with experienced Australian filmmakers with strong local connections to the historically important and stunning Kokoda Valley - the end of the Kokoda Trail.  Our experienced team will help make introductions and clarifying your purpose throughout the filming process.  Option of homestay (make your film about your host family?) or private accommodation. There are also small-scale engineering projects going on while we are there – perfect material for a short doco.

Of course the Kokoda Track is also the location of one of the most famous battles in Australian military history – second only to Gallipoli in terms of its cultural significance.  So many wonderful stories to choose from – such a wonderful way to get to know the community in more depth than you ever could as a tourist.  

The itinerary is completely flexible. You can spend some time in home stays, you can walk the Kokoda Track (with our partner No Roads Expeditions) or you can even join a medical expedition (No Roads To Health) and make a film about the work being done by volunteer doctors and nurses to provide health care and education to the health workers in the villages of the Owen Stanley Ranges.  We'll work out a price for you based on your wants and needs.  You can fly into Kokoda, or you can fly to Popendetta and travel by road to Kokoda.  It's your adventure - let's work out together what you want to do.

Like all Filmmaker Abroad trips you can have a passive or active experience. You can be the filmmaker, and learn from an experienced mentor how to make a documentary film. Or you can engage an experienced filmmaker to tell your story. You can be the subject of the film or you can be a host. Filmmaker Abroad can give you tuition in the art of hosting as you make your own film. If you just want us to film your adventure and make a film for you to share with family and friends, that's cool too.  Infinite possibilities, endless fun!

"PNG is without question one of my favourite places in the world, and a brilliant destination for filmmaking adventure"

- Sean Cousins (Filmmaker Abroad Founder)

Contact us for more details and to find out how you can be part of fund-raising for the local community.

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